Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where's The Helmet?

My Daddy just got home one day from go karting. He was exhausted but despite that, he still played with me. We were just having fun and goofing around. And this is what happened:

Me in a balaclava mask. Where's the helmet Dad?

Do you know what I am wearing? It's called a balaclava mask. It is used to hide the face and is usually worn by bad guys if they want to disguise themselves and hide their faces. But it has more to it than that. Balaclavas are worn to keep away the chilling cold, and is used also by racing drivers as added protection and so that sweat won't make their helmets smelly.

1 comment:

Clarissa said...

yap,my husband uses the balaclava mask,too but I'm sure mas babagay pag ako ang nagsuot--I'm bad din kasi eh lol!

I love her smiling behind those mask!!^_^So cute!!

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