Sunday, September 27, 2009


I recently discovered something fun to do here at home. This happened weeks ago, even before I got sick. I love to hold a pen, settle down in my little chair, with a paper at hand, and scribble away!

Mommy discovered that I am right-handed too, just like them because I hold the pen mostly using my right hand.

Below is my first sheet. The name and the flower were drawn by my Mommy. I can't draw or write yet but the doodles and unrecognizable scribbles were still a joy for my mommy that she placed all my "artwork" in a clear book! Hehehe!


niko said...

wow!! nice scribbles! :) yena writes mostly on her thighs :D hehehe

are u feeling better already baby sam?

Kikit said...

i'm sure you're going to be a great artist like you mom :)

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