Friday, September 18, 2009

I Made My Mommy Proud Today!

Why? Because I am such a very good girl!

We went to my pediatrician (Kinderartz) today for my vaccination. The sky was dark and it threatened of a heavy rain that Mommy was praying loudly that it won't rain. Perhaps she was also secretly dancing the SUN-DANCE while she was taking a bath this morning just so it won't pour! Hihihi!

Anyway, we came it at 10:30AM and we were promptly ushered into the examining room. My doctor asked a few standard questions that doctors normally ask before having a vaccination. Like if I was sick, do I have a temperature, stuff like that. Then he checked my lungs and heart and breathing with his stethoscope, which I am already accustomed to because Mommy and I play doctor-patient sometimes. Then he checked my ears and then my mouth. Everything was okay and normal.

Then came the vaccination. Mommy held me in her lap and the doctor pricked my left arm with the injection needle. And I never cried nor wailed. I flinched a bit from the pain when the vaccine was injected but that was all.

My doctor was surprised too because I was very quiet. Most little children like me normally would wail and throw a fit!

Then Mommy hugged me tight, gave me a gentle pat and said, "Very good girl!" I guess I made her really proud!


niko said...

wow!! i can imagine how proud ur mommy can be.. coz if i were here naku super super proud..

dont u know that yena had different situation with pedia.. naku mkta nia pa lng room ng pedia niya iyak agad and its hard even measuring and weighing her ha

very good ka baby!! kissses from me! mwh mwah mwah

Ria said...

wow, you are such a good girl for not wailing bloody murder. very good girl. your mom is very proud of you :)

santhy said...

wow, she's good lovely girl!

Grampy said...

You don't see such a brave little girl very often If not a tantrum at least usually some crying. Very good for the both of you.

Tetcha said...

What a brave little girl you are!

Clarissa said...

Aww!!Ang bait na bata!!Si Wakaba ko,papunta pa lang kami sa ospital,panay na iyak nya!!

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