Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Photographer In Me

One fine sunny Sunday, my mommy and daddy and I decided to stay for a while at Schlossplatz after hearing mass. We first had lunch at our favorite Bistro Terrazza and then when it was not so hot anymore, settled ourselves comfortably at the castle grounds. There was a jazz concert going on and although we couldn't hear much of it, we tried to listen and relax to the music anyway.

I was getting bored because I did not understand what jazz music was and so my mommy asked me to take some pictures using her smartphone and then after every shot I made, I showed to her the result. She initially wanted me to take photos of things that had the color of the rainbow but since it was difficult because the flowers in the garden only had purple, white and pink, she asked me to take photos of specific stuff.

Here are some of my shots:

A bike
Purple flowers
Dark pink flowers in bloom
So what do you think of my photos? Do I pass? :)

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