Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's A Good Online Business?

As you all know, this blog is on a blogger platform and I have been thinking whether to get my own domain name or not. If I want to change to my own domain name and convert this blog into something more, I would need dedicated servers so that my website will be running smoothly, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. What do you think? Should I be selling stuff? Should I be putting up my very own scrapbook pages since I have tons of photos just waiting to be dressed in fabulous scrap pages and featured in this blog? There are tons of possibilities actually...

I am no business guru, in fact I don't know much about business except for the fact that people do a lot of online shopping lately. How these websites are managed are beyond me but I do know that their web host providers must have managed hosting to ensure the database and electronic data of each of their costumers are protected.

And if you are intested in opening up your own webhosting business or if you already have a web-based business and it requires a great deal of network speed and data security, there is an option called colocation. Got your own server but have limited space for your hardware to be properly stored? How would you like your dedicated server to be housed in a facility where the temperature is controlled, the space is adequate enough and the bandwidht is less expensive? It's like a boarding school for your server!

If you are planning on opening up your own web based business, now is the time to consider all of these options. Maybe when I am a bit older and I have a very good idea of my own, I too, can start my own little web based business rolling.

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