Monday, August 8, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Last July, during our camping trip in Südsee Camp, I was able to experience another FIRST: Strawberry picking. It was my first time to go and I really enjoyed it, even though I was accompanied by a friend of Mommy's and the camp caretaker. And that's when I really enjoyed eating strawberries so much.

Mommy asked her friend to take some photos of me while picking strawberries. It was my first time after all, something that is worth documenting, at least according to my Mommy. We went to this strawberry farm just near the camping resort. And the strawberries were really sweet and you can eat as many as you want, FREE. You will need to pay for what's in your basket though. Hihi!

Here are some of the photos that Auntie Nora took:

At the strawberry field. Reminds me of the cartoon series Emily Erdbeer.

You see some of the strawberries are not yet ripe. 
You are only allowed to harvest the red ones and I guess I was doing pretty good at it!

Picking up strawberries can be very tiring. Time to take a break and taste the strawberries for myself! I was more busy eating than filling the basket. Hihi!

Finally filled the basket with strawberries! Of course, Auntie Nora helped me fill it!

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irish said...

wow. how i wish i could pick strawberry again.

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