Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Animals

I love my little animals toys. We got them at Ikea store last month. They are of different colors and each has a name too! Here they are:

Ellie is the blue elephant. Beside him is Po, the Black Panda. Between Ellie and Beefsteak, the friendly Rottweiler is Rory, the yellow lion. Then there is Helga, the pink hippopotamus and the Dottie, the alligator. Aren't they all cute? Beefsteak is not a stuffed animal though. He is a ceramic figurine, a gift from my Mommy to my Daddy when they were still going out. Would you believe that he is already 10 years old? That old! Hihihi!

And do you know who arranged them all?

It was me of course! My small hands are proof! LOL!


Clarissa said...

What a cutie toys for a cutie Sam!!\(^0^)/

nikogirl said...

aw baet naman ni baby sam.. si yena mahilig magkalat and 1% of the time lang magligpit :D

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