Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas and Me

December is fast approaching and one can feel the cool breeze of the winter air slowly making its way. And with December comes the Christmas season, that special time of the year when everything is cheery, merry and bright. In my part of the world, it is also going to be a white Christmas, with the snow and all. And so it is time again to save up as early as now so that it will be a happy holiday.

It is still October and yet our heating system is already working, that's how cold it is here. And it is going to be another additional expense. That's why we see to it that we use it only when we can't bear the cold anymore. We would wear our jackets inside the house to save on heating costs. We know this isn't the COLD that people are talking about. Brrrr.... will we be able to endure the winter season? I hope so.

My mom is already making up her shopping list and trying to budget everything so that we will have a happy Christmas. She worries that we won't have enough money for Christmas and so she is being frugal about a lot of things lately and is also considering getting a payday loan should we go over budget.

I always hear her saying how important it is that we have available funds during the winter holidays so that we will enjoy it. I think she meant about the shopping and the Christmas and New Year's feast that is a Filipino tradition. It would be no fun to go to the Christmas market and just look, right? And Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve would not be complete without a banquet. Also, we are planning to spend it at my Dad's brother in London and that would mean we also need to save for our travel expenses. She says I have to be a good girl too so that Santa Claus will give me presents this year. But I am a good girl. I wish this year will be as happy as last year. It need not be a grand celebration though. Being with my family and spending the holidays with them is more than enough.

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Kikit said...

Advance Merry Christmas Sam. Don't catch a cold. :)

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