Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Gonna Be A Super Model

Wheee!!! I had so much fun walking around the house in my Mommy's blouse, pretending that I am wearing a gown.

Will I pass for a supermodel?

Hair and Make-Up: None

RTW: Mommy's Blouse

Beauty & Grace: Gift from God

Photography: Daddy & Mommy


Kikit said...

pwede na sam! :)

niko said...

aw sam!! u will be a super model!! sali kau ni yena sa search ha.. :)

wag lang sobrang payat.. ok na yang ganyan.. ang smile mo perfect na!! ganda ng pag strut mo ah.. ginaya mo ba yan kay mommy?? hehehe

shydub said...

hehehehe baby sam i think you should ask mommy kikamz to buy you a gown of your size. you look cute in her blouse though, but baby sam too big for you dear model baby hehehehe, Asus! pinapasa pa ang dalagang gamay lol

Mira said...

You definitely love the camera Sam, I'm sure you do *wink*

texas_sweetie said...

cute ehhhhhhhhhhhh hehehe.. good job baby!

iceah said...

hahaha c: cute little Sam c:
Am sure you'll have lots of time to practice my dear c:

kuya Josh had his major haircut for school hehehe :p check it out c:

Seiko said...

Haha!!!Ofcourse you will be someday baby Sam!I'll ask my eldest to teach you how to walk as a model,my eldest is a fashion & hair stylist model.So I hope to see you during your next visit here in Japan,'m going to introduce you to her,she just love lovely kids like you!Be good always Sam.Hugs!Smooch

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