Monday, June 15, 2009

Among The Ruins

June 1st saw us in Baden-Baden. Our first stop was a visit to the castle ruins of Altes Schloss. I had lots of fun exploring the castle grounds and all it's earth, grass, and huge stones.

Exploring the castle grounds in all its ruined grandeur.

The stone walls do have an old charm to it.
Hmm... I wonder the Lord of the slept...

Daddy was trying to scare Mommy off... There's a well behind us. I guess the scene looked pretty familiar to them. But I am not scared. I am one brave little girl.

At the higher parts of the castle. Mommy's and Daddy's legs were shaking because we were already high up. It's enough that the castle sits on a mountain. And it's more tormenting to be surrounded with ancient stone walls on one side and an open space on the other. I was too eager to get off Mommy's arms but she wouldn't let me for fear that I would fall off the ledge.

Finally, getting out of the castle on the other side and walking on some good old cobblestone path.


Seiko said...

Hello little girl!Ang laki mo na,I have missed you baby Sam!I like all your photos here,especially the one behind the well,moomy looks so scared but you didn't even scare at all,you're brave & smart to understand that there's nothing to scare all.Love you Sam!Be good always!

iceah said...

wow! i love visitng places na ruins na kasi it brings me back in time and makes me part of it c: your one fortunate girl little Sam c:

Tomas said...

Thank you for the possibility to discover the smile amidst the ruins.
I like your blog, that radiates light of pure love.

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