Friday, August 10, 2012

Kikay Me

Hello everyone! It has been a while and I hope you are all doing well. Did you know that I have a grown a lot these past few months. My Mommy thinks so. Although I still cannot prepare my own clothes to wear for the day, I know how to choose. If my Mommy would choose something that I don't like, I wouldn't wear and ask for something else instead. I know it is a bit bothersome for my mommy, Sorry Mommy! but she lets me wear what I want as it saves her more energy and time.

I love to wear dresses and skirts and even match the color of my shoes with the color of my dress. I also like to accessorize when I feel like it. My mom and I dress so very differently... I guess I am the more kikay type. But I guess most little girls are. We love all the small, sparkly, tiny, pink, pastel, cute stuff.

How about you? Do you love wearing dresses and girly stuff too?

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