Saturday, April 13, 2019

No Longer A Girl, Not Yet A Lady

It has been a while since my last blog entry here. You must have all been wondering what I have been up to these days. Well, I am doing fine. I have grown tall in the last couple of years and have lots on my sleeve.

I moved to a new school, so it meant new school environment, new classmates and teachers. I was lucky enough that I have classmates who were from my old school, so I actually did not feel lonely on the first day of school, which by the way started in September last year. Wow, it felt like it was such a long time ago! 

It is more challenging now that I have moved to a secondary school because there are more subjects taught but I still get to do some curricular activities at school in the afternoons. I stopped doing ballet though, but for that, I have tennis and self-defense instead. I enjoy it a lot despite the muscle cramps since I love sports. But I do miss dancing... maybe I will look for a dancing school if my schedule permits it.

My Mom and I still do some crafts every now and then, but she mostly lets me do the crafting myself.  I miss doing it with her though but this tradition we shall keep.  I can still remember when we did the DIY baptism favors for her godson or those soft felt owls we made together with my friend when she came over. I am into origami lately or anything that has to do with paper. In fact, I made a photo frame from waste cardboard material as a gift to my twin friends.

So much has changed in the last couple of years but I am still that little girl who loves to read, enjoys being with family and friends, and is always thankful for everything that I have right now. Oh, and did I mention that I got a dog for my 10th birthday? There really is so much catching up to do, I know. I shall tell you all about my dog and so much more in my upcoming posts so please stay tuned!

Thank you for dropping by. Till then!

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